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Greygarth Boys Club, Manchester


About Greygarth Club

Greygarth Club and Study Centre aims to provide young people with opportunities for personal development inspired by Christian values. Our goal is to enable school boys to mature together into responsible adults who can contribute effectively to the next generation of society. The club leaders work closely with parents to provide effective mentoring in all dimensions of contemporary life: academic/professional, cultural, societal and spiritual. Most weeks, there is a priest available for spiritual guidance and confessions. In the Senior Club and Study Centre, a greater emphasis is placed on improving study habits and preparing for examinations, and boys are encouraged to bring homework, study or reading.

A small subscription charge is levied to cover the running costs, and there may be additional charges some weeks for specific activities. New members are always welcome, and may attend for a month before a subscription fee is charged.

Greygarth is a voluntary organization run by residents of Greygarth Hall University Residence, which is promoted by the Greygarth Association, a registered charity working for the advancement of education in the light of Christian principles. Among the various activities that take place at Greygarth, those of a spiritual nature are entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal Prelature of the Catholic Church.